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The new version of APFill 6.0 is available for download.

The new version of 6027694618 has been released.

The new version of (612) 440-7835 is released.

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Download.com Review of APBackUp:

"Good for home or office, this backup program is reliable and easy to use. APBackUp helps you create complete backups of important data automatically. The program's clear and intuitive interface helps walk you through the process with a step-by-step wizard. A scheduling feature allows you to set a date and time for regular data backups. Programs can be backed up to hard drives or network drives or uploaded to an FTP site. The program also can save files in ZIP format so they can be viewed and restored with most ZIP file utilities. External archive formats such as 7-Zip, Ace, WinRar, ARJ, and JAR are supported. Overall, APBackUp is a good choice for any user who wants to keep backup files of sensitive data."

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APBackup: BackUp solution for home and office

APBackup -  powerful backup utility. Backup to CD, FTP

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APFill: Unique Utility for Print Shops

APFill - Ink Coverage Meter, calculate toner coverage utility

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APBackup makes it easy to backup your data virtually to any type of storage media: hard or network drive, DVD, CD-R/W, FTP or LAN. APBackUp will help you organize your automatic backup. APBackup also features an intuitive user interface making even the most advanced backup features easily accessible for beginners and professionals.
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Ink usage is usually described by printer manufacturers as so many pages of A4 using 5% coverage. APFill Ink & Toner Coverage Meter software helps you calculate ink coverage (or toner coverage) on the page before printing, expressing it as a percentage, so you can estimate cost of the page.
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Measure distance, area and perimeter


Universal Desktop Ruler - measure distance, area and perimeter

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TimeToPhoto: Add datestamps to your digital photos

TimeToPhoto - Add datestamp to your digital photos

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Universal Desktop Ruler allows you to measure not only straight line distances but any curved distance on the screen. You can measure distances, areas and perimeters of figures on the screen. It's useful for measuring distance and area on maps, finding area and perimeter in house-building projects, etc.
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Most digital cameras don't add datestamps to digital photos. TimeToPhoto helps you see the date and time when you snapped your photos. TimeToPhoto allows you to add datestamps or memory labels to selected photos with one mouse click. TimeToPhoto automatically reads the date of the original picture from a file and places the datestamp and/or any text label on your photo.
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"AVPSoft's APBackUp 2.5 backs up your data to any storage medium-diskette, local or remote drive, writeable CD or DVD, or FTP site. It can send email notification of results after a scheduled backup, and can backup data from multiple local PCs to a remote FTP server. It isn't balked by open files-they get backed up too. Other features include incremental backups, retention of multiple file versions, and an option to run as a network service. "

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